Rebecca Jagoe

b. 1988




2014-16 MA Sculpture, RCA, London

2008-11 BA (Hons) Fine Art Practice, Goldsmiths, University of London 


Selected Shows

2019 Florilege, collaborative exhibition with Nils Alix Tabeling, Jupiter Woods, London

2019 Ghost Changing Room, group show with Lindsey Bull, Tamara Dubnckyj, Mindy Lee, Cathy Lomax, Susan Sluglett, Wimbledon Space, London

2018 The Flipside, group show, Fold Gallery, London 

2018 Every thing, Assembly Point, London

2018 Shattered Hearts of Glass 2099, with Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Mati Jhurry, Zoe Marden, Art Night, London

2018 Death and life are squeezed onto each other and time spills, with Javier Mariquerie Thomas & Linda Stupart, Yaby, Madrid 

2018 Hypersea, curated by Juliette Desgorges, with Nils Alix-Tabeling, Lou Cantor (Józefina Chetko and Kolja Gläser), Mimosa Echard, Anna Solal, Marian Tubbs, Jala Wahid, Young Girl Reading Group (Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite). Art Monte Carlo, Monaco

2017 Hot Retaliations and Other Acts of Revenge, group exhibition, Clearview, London

2017 Le Regard des Femmes, curated by Sharon Kivland. Galerie du presbytère, Saint-Briac sur Mer

2017 HYPOKEIMENON, en dessous du sang, with Nils Alix-Tabeling, Aline Bouvy, Jude Crilly, Emeline Depas, Nicolas Deshayes, Justin Fitzpatrick, Anna Hulakova, Motoko Ishibashi, Birgit Jürgenssen. Gallerie Nadine Feront, Brussels

2016 The Kiss, with Leah Carless and Alicia Tsigarides. Blyth Gallery, London

2015 Rubber, collaborative show with Elena Colman. Ladette Space, London

2014 Infinite Beatitude of Existence! Ladette Space, London


Selected Performances

2019 'Candy Cascarets' performance in response to Matthew Verdon's 'Vestigial Traits and Evolutionary Spandrels', Kelder Projects, London

2019 'Trying Hard to Think Pure' at Look what the cat dragged in, de Pimlico Projects, London

2018 ‘Ribolitta II' at Every Thing, Assembly Point, London

2018 ‘De Clérambault' at Shattered Hearts of Glass 2099, Art Night, London

2018 ‘De Clérambault' at Jupiter Woods Party, Jupiter Woods, London

2018 ‘Ribolitta II’ at Odratheque, Musarc Festival, London

2018 ‘The Way I Feel it Slipping All Over Me’ at In some far off place Many light years in space I’ll wait for you (performances and screenings) with Heather Phillips, Justin Allen, Helen Cammock, Paul Kindersley, Sonya Dyer, E C Feiss, Cinzia Mutigli, Bedwyr Williams. Cubitt Gallery, London 

2018 ‘The Way I Feel it Slipping All Over Me’ at Hypersea, Art Monte Carlo, Monaco

2017 ‘Ribolitta II’ at The Doubting Colloquy with Sally O’Reilly, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2017 ‘Who is payimg for this spillage’ at I Want My Ideal Paste (performances and screenings) with Darren Banks, Lydia Boehm, Melanie Borner, Steven Dickie, Benedict Drew, Goo Notorious (Gerard Carson and Andrew Rickett), India Harvey, Charlotte Quartermaine, Col Self and Body Dirft, Eoin Shea, Tim Spooner, Dane Sutherland, Sweet Heave (Laura Dee Milnes and Phil Swan), Chloe Windsor. Kelder Projects, London

2017 ‘Melancholia’ at DARK WATER : The Dead of Night (performances and screenings) with Laurie Anderson, Anna Bunting-Branch, Valie Export, Sam Keogh, Maria Lassnig, Lynn Hershman-Leeson, Lawrence Lek, Rashaad Newsome, Tai Shani, Marianna Simnett, Zadie Xa, curated by Tai Shani & A—Z (Anne Duffau). CGP Gallery, London

2016 ‘ Letters to Arm’ at A glass is empty of everything but simple passage (readings) with David Raymond Conroy and Caspar Heinmann. Seventeen Gallery, London

2016 ‘That Sinking Feeling’ at Unveiling (you embrace me, as I am), (exhibition, performances and online texts) with Sara Boulton, Hanne Lippard, Felix Reimann. Jupiter Woods, London 

2016 ‘Grey & wobbling’ at Chewy, (performance evening) with Whiskey Chow, Evan Ifekoya, Victoria Sin. Dyson Gallery, London

2016 OpenPROCESS 3: This Just Blows My Hair Back!, collaborative performance with Fleur Melbourn. Space Studios, The White Building, London

2014 Eat Me, performance evening with Daniella Valz Gen. X Marks the Bökship, London


Selected Texts

2019 'Philadelphia' in The Happy Hypocrite Silver Bandage, edited by Erica Scourti (forthcoming)

2018 'Nerve Storms' in Orlando Magazine Issue 3

2017 ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ in The Dreamers, MA BIBLIOTHEQUE

2016 ‘That Sinking Feeling’. Jupiter Woods, Online

2016 'Necking', The Interjection Calendar 002, Montez Press, Online 

2016 ‘The Rot’. Rice + Toye, London

2015 ‘Leaking into Fiction’. Four by Three Magazine, Online

2015 ‘Hands’. Paper Journal, Online

2015 ‘Mirror Mirror’. E.R.O.S. Issue 6, London

2014 ‘No Strange Men Shall Remove the Stone’, in X-Operative. X Marks the Bökship, London

2014 ‘Spherical Mouth Feel’. Verysmallkitchen, Online

2014 ‘It has to be baby plum’. It’s Nice That Printed Pages, Summer 2014, London 

2014, ‘A Taste of Heaven’. Objets Minces Part 2, La Houle, Brussels

2013, ‘Informative Instruction’. SALT Issue 3, London

2013, ‘Transcript for a Reading’. 2HB Vol. 16, CCA Glasgow 


2019 Workshop leader, as part of the Florilege project at Jupiter Woods, London

2019 Workshop Leader, MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London

2018 External Examiner, The Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam 

2016-17 Associate Lcturer, BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Arts 

2016 Visiting Practitioner, BA Fine Art, Bournemouth University

2016 Workshop Leader, MA & PhD Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University 

2016 Visiting Tutor, BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London 

2014 Visiting Tutor, BA Fine Art, Middlesex University


2017-19 Peer Forum, Camden Arts Centre, London 

2017 LCN Participation Network, Space Studios, London

2013 Bökship Writer in Residence, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire 



2018 Co-Editor with Sharon Kivland, On Violence, published by MA BIBLIOTHEQUE

2015-17 Commissioning Editor, E.R.O.S. Journal