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Sea of Love, A 100-second performance over Zoom for Time Piece 2020

Meanwhile we are your fingernails

Then we are the mist hitting the face of a hiker in the Brecon Beacons

Sometimes we travel down the urethral channel of a goat, and up the xylem of a woody-stemmed pelargonium

Before we are the sheen of mucus on the skin of a slug

Previously we are the jelly-like sac of staphylococcus bacterial cytoplasm

Also we are held in the pitted edges of the endoplasmic reticulum of a nerve cell somewhere along the calf of an Instagram influencer

Afterward we are part of the Nile

Concurrently we are an egg, boiled in a pot of bubbling we 

At one time we are the snow crunched underfoot on Mount Kita 

Next we are chemical-laced, effervescent bubbles in the bottle of Mountain Dew

Simultaneously we are everywhere in an aubergine

Later we are in the walls of the palisade mesophyll of a potato plant leaf

At all times we are oozing out of the skin of a human

Usually we are dissolving from the surface of the tongue of a Rhodesian ridgeback dog in Battersea park 

Once we are mixed with ribena

Earlier we coarse through the central nervous system of a stick insect scuttling up a large pine in New Zealand 

Occasionally we are trapped inside the fleshy pulp of an organ pipe cactus in the Sonoran desert

Concomitantly we ooze out of the decomposing cells of a shaggy ink cap mushroom and into the soft earth below

Concomitantly we ooze out of the decomposing cells of a shaggy ink cap mushroom and onto the ceramic plate in Judith’s kitchen 

Already we churn around the dishwasher in a seventh floor apartment in Dubai 

Often we scuttle across the sky over Lewisham in a wisp 

Soon we lubricate the blink of a dying polar bear 

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