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The Way I Feel it Slipping All Over Me (2018). Performance wearing sculpture (Scrofula). Performed at Hypersea (Art Monte Carlo) and In some far off place Many light years in space I'll wait for you (Cubitt Gallery) 


The text is written as an ode to the bay of Monaco, a desire for a sexual encounter with a body of water. The yacht which hosted the exhibition was an ambivalent and hierarchical space, in which both artists and art works were restricted in where they were allowed to sit, stand, and what they were allowed to touch, due to the stated value of the interior decor and fittings. I wrote the text in advance of going to Monaco and seeing the yacht itself, so it is a speculative romance. The performative reading integrates the erotic desire for watery embodiment, with water sports, and the simultaneous aspiration and disgust elicited by the ostentatious wealth and hierarchy of value displayed in Monaco.

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