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Trying Hard to Think Pure (2019) Performance wearing Pearly Queen (2019), with sculptural hot water bottles handed out to audience. performed at 'Look what the cat dragged in' curated by Clementine Proby and Steinar Felix, de Pimlico Projects, 2019.

For the performance I wore the outfit ‘Pearly Queen’ and audience members were handed sculptural marbled latex hot water bottles to hold [see images]. De Pimlico Projects, housed in an unconverted former bedsit with no central heating, provided the opportunity to respond with a text centred queer desire, central heating systems and my relationship with my hot water bottle. The text interwoveThomas Aquinas’ six vices with interpreting Spinozan desire as abundance, to argue that my frequent use of a hot water bottle is a form of erotic relationship.

Extract below, images credit: Julie Sterre Schmitz


Image credit: Julie Sterre Schmitz

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