You are what you eat (2019) Performance with Beth Bramich, approx 35 minutes.
        I do not publish videos or sound recordings of performances. On this page I have described the sequence of    events in the performance, to accompany the images. 
The full performance dialogue is available as a pdf download    below. The text makes explicit reference to eating disorders and laxative abuse. 
2. Dress each other in the clothing exhibited in the show
1. Read the citation on the coat in unison
3. Performance divided into five acts. To announce the next act, unfurl scrolls with the title, which are attached to the tabard Beth is wearing. 
 4. Read the narrative sewn on
Beth's sleeve. Beth speaks any
   direct citations in the text.
5. For any errors in the citations, Beth speaks the usually silent [sic] and I reveal a cross-stitch [sic] hidden under the silk flap on the front of my tabard 
6. Two thirds of the way through the performance    
Beth reads a list of the foods I would like to eat if I had intestines made of glass. While this  
list is read, Carolina and Katie from Jupiter       Woods emerge from the kitchen wearing      
red arrow gloves and carrying trays of buttered toast, which are handed to the audience.