You are what you eat (2019) Performance with Beth Bramich, approx 35 minutes.
        I do not publish videos or sound recordings of performances. On this page I have described the sequence of    events in the performance, to accompany the images. 
The full performance dialogue is available as a pdf download    below. The text makes explicit reference to eating disorders and laxative abuse. 
We dressed each other in the clothing exhibited in the show
We read the citation on the coat in unison
The performance was divided into five acts. To announce the next act, I unfurled scrolls with the title, which were attached to the tabard Beth was wearing. 
 I read the narrative sewn on
Beth's sleeve. Beth spoke any
   direct citations in the text.
For any errors in the citations, Beth spoke the usually silent [sic] and I revealed a cross-stitch [sic] hidden under the silk flap on the front of my tabard 
Two thirds of the way through the performance    Beth read a list of the foods I would like to eat if I had intestines made of glass. While this  list was read, Carolina and Katie from Jupiter       Woods emerged from the kitchen wearing      red arrow gloves and carrying trays of buttered toast, which was handed to the audience. 



    Exhibition Images

    Performance: You are what you eat 

    She masticated nothing 


    Workshop 1: Sewing, Eating, and Knowledge 

    Workshop 2: Lorina Bulwer archive visit 


    What is consuming you 

    Scrofula I 

    Scrofula II 

The silence of the organs 

    Overnight relief 

    Pseudomelanosis Coli

    Nerve Storms

Oceanic Feeling

    The way I feel it slipping all over me 

    How deep is your love 

    Shell toes 

Significant Others

    Letters to Arm 

    Mirror Mirror 


    It has to be baby plum 

    Trying Hard to Think Pure 


Food is a convenient metaphor for existence 

    Ribolitta I 

    Ribolitta II 

    Cheese of the soul 

    Death becomes her 

Hands and desire 

    Pearly queen 


    Archive visit to Bath Fashion Museum 

Salvage Accumulation 


    Lick My legs: The Talking Cure 

    Teratoma: mesoderm


Bitter Tears 

    Lounge Lizard

    I Scream for Ice Cream 

    Every time you vent your spleen