Scrofula I (2018). Marbled latex, silk chiffon, red cotton thread. 1.5 x 3m. Shown above and below at 'Death and life are squeezed onto each other and time spills' with Linda Stupart and Javier Marquerie Thomas, at Yaby, Madrid, full details here: http://yaby.org

Shown at 'Ghost Changing Room' full details here: https://www.artrabbit.com/events/ghost-changing-room

                 This work is not bound to one format. Sometimes it is

  on a steel frame, sometimes it is on a wall, sometimes

I am wearing it. The red bow is a later addition, which is

    why it is only in one image, I think that will

     stay. I actually wore this for the performance 

      The Way I Feel it Slipping All Over Me,

       (at Art Monaco and later at Cubitt) a piece of work in a                 totally different project related to oceanic bodies,

which just goes to show that everything spills into everything else