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Red Delicious (2019) Red Watered Silk, Cotton Calico, Applique Photocopied Paper, Glass Beads, Gold Thread, Mild Steel Stand, Galvanised Steel Chains, Bramley Apples. Photos courtesy Hannah Spencer 

The text on the coat is a quote from Gargantua and Pantagreul (Rabelais). It reads: 

She masticated nothing: not that she did not have good strong teeth nor that the foods did not require mastication, but such was her manner and custom. Her foods, after the Tasters had assayed them, were taken over by her Chewers and nobly masticated for her, their throats being lined with crimson satin containing streaks of gold and gold-braid, whilst their teeth were of beautiful white ivory: with such help, once they had masticated her food to a turn, they poured it directly into her stomach through a funnel of fine gold. 

For the same reason, she never had a stool except by procuration. 


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