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Full transcript of podcast available by clicking the PDF icon 

Shiten Mouth Ful of Tordes. Podcast, 1h 29 minutes. Commissioned by Wysing Broadcasts, available on Wysing Broadcasts, Spotify & Apple Podcasts 


You can listen to it through the Wysing Broadcasts platform here, or through Spotify here.

A podcast which combines text work, research, and musings, examining gut health and herbal cure associated with digestive issues. Grounded in a Western medicinal history, the podcast is structured around a piece of writing called It is proven, a fictional response to the medieval Welsh medical text The Physicians of Myddfai. The podcast also brings in Hildegard von Bingen’s writings on the stomach, astrology as a form of medicine, and a reading list of medieval to Renaissance medical writings. 


TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains references to eating disorders, including restrictive and bingeing behaviours, and makes reference to fatphobia. The discussion and works included centre on digestion and excretion and discuss physiological and bodily processes and fluids graphically and in some detail. 

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